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Engineered flooring, with cross laminated structure, improved dimension stability, can be successfully installed in areas with wide humidity variations. It can be virtually used in every room in house, also in basement. Another advantage is that it can be floating installed, free for glue and nail. It has the inner click system. Of course, you c..

Bamboo Engineered Flooring | Wood Engineered Flooring
Strand bamboo, which is laminated from crushed bamboo strips with high pressure, is one type of recombined material. Its density & hardness is much higher than solid bamboo flooring, so we also call it hard bamboo. As it is assembled random, the surface grain is much different from solid bamboo and very near to solid wood, but d..
Strand Woven Flooring
Outdoor products are made in special strand woven material, which are selected strictly, then cutting , bleaching, carbonized, drying to eliminate sugars and insects and preservation. In the process of pressing, the glued strips are assembled under high temperature, where heat the pressure of up to 1,200tons PSI ..
Outdoor Products

Solid bamboo flooring is the most traditional one . With more than 10 years of development, we have mature technology, stable and perfect quality.

After the bamboo cut into parts with certain length, the circle bamboo is split into strips in two widths, That is, 21MM, which is made into Horiz..

Stained Solid Bamboo Flooring
After hand scraped it, the floorings are looked old-time flooring. Also, we can stained color on it.
Size available: 960*96*15MM (37-4/5'' X3-4/5'' X5/8'')
Stained & Ancient Bamboo

Anti-heating flooring, It's our patent production. Normally, in the cool region, the heating system is installed on the floor. This system will emit heat through floorings. Its temperature could be 60. The floorings will be able to bear the heat, what is our anti-heating flooring can get. With unique structure design and spec..

Anti-heat Bamboo Flooring
In order to perfect your floorings installation, we offer all kinds bamboo accessory for your choice.
Bamboo Accessory