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Quality Control

QA/QC Introduction

Quality is essential to our company philosophy, and we always regard quality as the most important aspect to our manufacturing. We have established a full quality control system:

1) Raw materials quality control: we strictly inspect all materials according to our 'Raw Materials Inspect Standard' when materials arrives at our factory

2) Production quality control: we have a select inspection personnel for each step, assuring qualified products only move forward to the next step, and unqualified products do not.

3) Final product inspection: we have a series of definite standards for the final products and we inspect every final product individually

The Data Of Technology


ASTM test: Tianzhen Test
Description: Hardness represents the resistance of wood to wear, which is measured by the amount of force required to embed a .444-inch steel ball to one-half its diameter into a piece of wood. The higher the number to pounds, the more dent resistant the wood.
Result: Bamboo equaled Hard Maple with 1450 psi. Please refer to the elative Hardness of Selected Wood Flooring Species on the following pages.

Abrasion resistance
ASTM test: Tianzhen Test
Description: This test establishes an abrasive wear index by determining the loss of weight resulting from abrasion of an unglazed ceramic tile. H-22 Calibrade wheels loaded with 1000 gram weight at 70 RPM for 1000 cycles. The abrasive wear index is determined by the loss of the weight.
Result: .349 grams


ASTM test: Tianzhen Test
Description: This fire test response standard describes a procedure for measuring the critical radiant flux of horizontally mounted floor-covering systems exposed to a flaming ignition source in a grading radiant heat energy environment, in a test chamber. It provides a basis for estimating one aspect of fire exposure behavior for floor coverings.
Result: Bamboo passed with a Class 1 rating per NFPA Life Safety Code. The use of bamboo flooring is acceptable in all classes of buildings.

ASTM test: Tianzhen Test 
Description: This test covers the measurement of the static coefficient of friction of the floor surfaces for the James Machine.
Result: 0.71 coefficient of friction. Rated slip resistant as per the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Tensile/Compressive strength
ASTM test: Tianzhen Test
Description: This test method employs large specimens and responds well to manufacturing variables and other aspects that influence the tensile properties of structural panels.
Result: Please refer to the following chart to find the strength characteristics of Mao Bamboo, which is used in the production of BamStar bamboo flooring:

Material: Mao Bamboo
Tensile Strength: 1,948.20 Kg/cm2
Copressive Strength :640.00 Kg/cm2
Dry Density :0.596 G/cm2
Contractility (plus-minus) Radial :4% / 0.5 %
Longitudinal 0.15 % Volume 1/1%


1. 30 year plank warranty, when installed and maintained in accordance with the installation and maintenance instructions, the bamboo planks will not delaminate, buckle or cup as a result of manufacturing defects for a period of thirty years from the date of purchase.

2. 5 year finish warranty, when maintained in accordance with the installation and maintenance instruction, the factory applied finish will not wear through or separate from the bamboo plank as a result of manufacturing defects for a period of five years for a period from the date of purchase.

We guarantee your satisfaction with each planks, Should any plank not meet your satisfaction because of visual defect, simply return it to us, prior to installation, for a replacement.

Information about your warranty coverage:
This warranty does cover damages or failure attributable to:
Planks installed with obvious visual defects.
Defects or damage to planks caused by installation or maintenance that dose not comply strictly with the instructions of installation of maintenance.
Dissatisfaction or damage to planks caused by application or wear through of site applied finishes.
Defects of damage to planks caused by abuse: such as steel wool to scour the floor, sliding heavy objects across the floor without proper protection.
Damage to planks caused by underlying flooring.
Damage to plank or finish caused by severe accidents.
Damage caused by flooding or standing water from leaking pipes, faucets, household appliances,
Damage or natural expansion and contraction resulting in separation between boards or damage caused by low or excessive humidity.
Cupping of planks when installed over radiant heating.
Notes on warranty:
This warranty is valid only for residential installaton.